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Principal Michael Shroyer
1200 W. Rumble Road
Modesto, CA 95350
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

AP Statistics

The exam is three hours long and covers a one-semester introductory non-calculus-based college course in statistics. In Section I of the exam, students are given 90 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions on a wide variety of topics. In Section II, they must answer several free-response questions; each exam contains four to seven open-ended questions designed to be answered in about 10 minutes each, and a longer investigative task for which 30 minutes is allotted. The following major topics are covered: exploring data (describing patterns and departures from patterns); sampling and experimentation (planning and conducting a study); anticipating patterns (producing models using probability and simulation); and statistical inference (estimating population parameters and testing hypotheses). 

Ideally, students should have access to a computer for work both in and out of the classroom. While it is not yet possible to have access to a computer during the AP Statistics Exam, standard computer output may be provided, and students will be expected to interpret it. 

Multiple-Choice Questions

For sample multiple-choice questions, refer to the Course Description.

AP Statistics Course Description

Free-Response Questions

Below are free-response questions from past AP Statistics Exams. Included with the questions are scoring guidelines, sample student responses, and commentary on those responses, as well as exam statistics and the Chief Reader's Student Performance Q&A Report for past administrations.