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Principal Michael Shroyer
1200 W. Rumble Road
Modesto, CA 95350
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Class Balloting 

Incoming Freshman- Please Read!

    Incoming 9th graders coming from non-MCS schools should have received a letter in the mail with their PowerSchool ID number and Password. This information is needed to log in to the Back-to-School Portal. The Back-to-School Portal is where parents will need to upload important registration information required for their child. Students will also use their PowerSchool ID and Password to log into PowerSchool and ballot for next year’s courses. CLICK HERE to visit the MCS Online Balloting page for important links, instructions, and video tutorials to ensure that both the registration process and balloting are complete.

    Incoming 9th graders coming from Modesto City Schools can go directly to PowerSchool to ballot for their classes and do not need to complete the Back-to-School-Portal. 

Click HERE to view the presentation counselors presented to incoming freshman.


Davis Balloting Information

Counselors will start the balloting process beginning late January/early February. All 9-11 grade students will be provided with a balloting presentation that includes a review of credit requirements, how to read transcripts, post-secondary options, how to ballot, and available programs at Davis. Students fill out both the paper and online ballots in PowerSchool. Counselors will then meet with each student individually to review their ballots, academic progress towards graduation, credit recovery options, and post-secondary plans. Students meet with counselors by grade level, usually starting with the 9th grade first.

Many answers to student’s questions can be found in the Q&A DOCUMENT HERE.  However, if students need further help, it is advised that they reach out to their counselors during the week that their grade level is balloting.  Students may also call the counseling office at 209-574-1679 with general questions or for assistance.