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Principal Michael Shroyer
1200 W. Rumble Road
Modesto, CA 95350
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.


The counselors are here to help and assist you as you reschedule classes, plan for college and for when you need extra support. Please direct your inquiries to the appropriate counselor, listed below by alpha or group.

If you wish to meet with your counselor or simply need to get a question answered, the following methods will help you get the ball rolling:

  • Email your counselor. Their email addresses are listed below. You may not get an immediate response, but give it a couple of days and you should hear from them.
  • Call the counseling office at (209) 574-1679. They may be able to answer your questions, and if not, our secretaries can set you up with an appointment to see your counselor.
  • Call for an appointment. Directions listed in previous item.
  • Ask a teacher to email your counselor for you with a brief description of your needs.

Counselors are also available before school and after school. Although you may be successful in simply stopping by the offices, those students who are more prepared and make appointments get to their counselors first.

Fax Number: (209) 574-1669

Students with the last name in the range A – Duo & AVID:

     Vanessa Shuping


     [email protected]





Students with the last name in the range Dur-Lop & Middle College:

     Genine Meraz


      [email protected]





Students with the last name in the range Lor – Si:

    Maribel Gonzalez


     [email protected]





Students with the last name in the range Sk – Z & HCA/PSA:

     Michelle Barrios


     [email protected]






Language Institute and Long-term EL students:

     Anita Villasenor


     [email protected]





College Counselor:

    Cristina Aguilera


     [email protected]






9th/10th Grade Support Counselor

     Armando Arellano-Garibay


     [email protected]