Congratulations to our male and female athletes of the year! Thank you to Tim and Lisa Bettencourt and Davis High Athletic Boosters for sponsoring the scholarship in memory of John Aiello. Female: Belen Ruiz Female: Olivia Beebe Male: Cobi Twist

Interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the educational program and are designed to have a positive influence on students. Our athletic program supports student participation in multiple sports and promotes equal opportunities and experiences for all students, male and female. In addition to athletic skill development, we are charged with the responsibility of instilling in our athlete's proper attitudes and behaviors that reflect the ideas of citizenship, sportsmanship, and cooperation, as well as building self-discipline and self-esteem.

Buying Tickets Online

Davis High has recently gone virtual with our sports tickets. Students and families who wish to purchase tickets to sport events with cash can do so in the Student Body Office up until the end of the school day. All other tickets, including tickets bought at the gate of the event, should be purchased online using GoFan. Click here to view and purchase available event tickets.

Academic Eligibility

In order for a pupil to participate in extra-curricular activities, the pupil shall achieve a grade point average of 2.0 with no more than one "F" and show maintenance of minimal progress towards meeting the high school graduation requirements prescribed by the governing board in each grading period preceding the quarter of participation in the extra-curricular activities. Initial high school eligibility will be based upon the 8th grade, second-semester grades.

The eligibility grading periods shall be the first quarter, first semester, third quarter, and second semester.

The grading periods shall be considered consecutive and uninterrupted. Therefore, the second-semester grade of the previous year shall be the basis for determining the first quarter eligibility for the following year.


9-12 Summer School Grades - Effect on Eligibility

  • Summer school grades shall be included to determine eligibility.

  • In calculating eligibility, a summer school grade will replace the grade of a "like" course taken previously.

  • Grades/units earned in summer school classes which do not replace grades earned previously in "like" courses will be averaged with grades from the previous grading period (semester in grades 9-12).

  • Summer school grades shall not impair a student's academic eligibility achieved in the previous grading period (semester in grades 9-12).


Instructions for Registering Your Athlete

SportsNet Inc. provides secure online registration services for high school athletic programs. Below are instructions for creating a parent/guardian user account and registering one or more athletes.

If you prefer not to complete this process online, you can obtain the “Athletic Packet” paperwork from the school office, or in the “Files & Links” menu on the right side of the page.

Registration via the SportsNet Website

Before attempting to register your child make sure you have the following:

  • Your child’s student identification number

  • The exact spelling of your child’s first and last name as it appears in official school records

  • A scanned copy of your child’s completed Pre-Participation Physical Exam on your computer (to be uploaded during registration)

  • Your child’s active health insurance coverage information, including the name of the provider and the policy ID

  • Before completing the online registration, parents must sign the Accident Insurance Certificate Waiver at the school site, IN THE PRESENCE OF A SCHOOL OFFICIAL, OR have insurance in place before trying to register.

Creating an Account

  • Go to the SportsNet website

  • Click the Create an Account link near the bottom of the screen

  • Enter the required information and submit the form

  • Log in to the system with your email address and password

  • Follow the instructions inside the system

Registration Process

Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each screen and provide all the required information. If you are unable to finish in a single session, the information you have already submitted will be saved, and you can log back in at a later time to finish.

Important: The school will not receive your submission until you complete the entire process, ending with your final electronic signature on the last available screen. Be sure to check your email for a confirmation message after you have finished.


  • For specific information about your child’s registration, please call the school office.

  • For general assistance, please email the SportsNet support team at