Health Careers Academy

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Health Careers Academy

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Health Careers Academy

The Health Careers Academy at Grace Davis High School is a grant funded California Partnership Academy Program that offers a three year Patient Care pathway to students interested in a career in healthcare. It is a "school within a school" that offers academic curriculum as well as vocational experiences . Students are introduced to diverse health career opportunities to prepare them for skilled entry-level jobs and/or entrance into colleges, universities, or technical schools.

General Information

Our goal is to provide students with progressively higher levels of competence leading towards high skill, high wage careers.  In addition to specific career education courses in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years, students will have access to: job shadows, guest speakers, field trips, leadership opportunities, HOSA Club participation, hands on skill development, college credit, advanced placement credit, and scholarships.  These diverse career opportunities are designed so that, upon graduation, students will be prepared for entry-level jobs and/or entrance into colleges, universities, or technical schools.

We would like to encourage you to become a part of our program.

Application Process

Students can apply for the Health Careers Academy in their freshman year to be admitted into the academy in their sophomore year.


  • 1.8 GPA or Higher

  • Complete on-line application

To enhance your application please complete: 

  • A student letter of intent

  • Letters of Recommendation 

Acceptance Criteria

In order to be admitted into the Health Careers Academy, students must:

  • Complete the Health Careers Academy Application process on-line.

  • Be approved by the committee that reviews New Admission Applications

Criterion for remaining in the Health Careers Academy

Tutoring will be required for any student who has earned a D or below in any academy class, including math.